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The College Technical Education Council was established by the State Board for Career and Technical Education and the State Board of Higher Education to improve the coordination, collaboration and effectiveness of career and technical education and training at all levels in North Dakota and increase effectiveness and efficiency in program delivery.

The CTEC formulates and recommends policies and procedures relating to career and technical education in postsecondary institutions; develops goals, programs and communication strategies; and considers financial elements of these strategies with regard to its mission.

CTEC members include the Director of Academic Affairs, the four University System community college presidents, the Campus Dean of Dakota College at Bottineau, and the Director and Executive Officer of the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education. The council meets about nine times a year.

For more information, contact Lisa Johnson, 701-328-4108.

College Technical Education Council Members
  Lisa Johnson Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. Meeting facilitator. North Dakota University System
  Larry C. Skogen President Bismarck State College
  Jerry Migler Campus Dean Dakota College at Bottineau
  Doug Darling President Lake Region State College
  John Richman President North Dakota State College of Science
  John Miller President Williston State College
  Wayde Sick Director and Executive Officer ND Department of Career and Technical Education
  Abdikadir Roodo North Dakota Student Association North Dakota State College of Science

Memorandum of Understanding  (document)
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Draft College Technical Education Council Agenda
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 9 a.m. CT
Conference Call

Call to Order

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes

Reports and Updates
3. GED grads and post-secondary success as it relates to the GED opportunities for waiving dev ed/remedial requirements and the earning of college credit - Valerie Fischer
4. ND Department of Career and Technical Education - Wayde Sick, State Director
5. ND Department of Commerce - Jay Schuler, Director of Workforce Division

6. Advance CTE Benchmark - Certification Resources List - Wayde Sick
7. Two Year Study/SB2003 - Lisa Johnson
8. Marketing Dollars Purpose (Carryover from previous meeting discussion)
9. Other

Other Business
10. Future Business Items

Future CTEC Meeting: January 22, 2019


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