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SUBJECT: 500s: Student Affairs EFFECTIVE: May 15, 2017
Section: 505 International Student Health Insurance

  1. All international students enrolled at any NDUS institution must carry the group health and accident insurance plan approved by the Chancellor beginning on or before the date they commence studies and lasting until termination or completion of their studies.

    1. International students for the purposes of this policy means students having non-immigrant status for the primary purpose of studying in the United States, including any students holding an F, J (student categories), or M visa who are enrolled at an NDUS institution.

    2. For persons in J-1 or J-2 status, the approved plan must also meet the minimum requirements for health insurance plans established by the United States Department of State for exchange visitors and the student's institution.

  2. Waivers are only granted in exceptional circumstances. Further, waivers are granted by each institution and are subject to the criteria for comparable coverage outlined by procedure.

  3. In addition, the Chancellor may by procedure (i) exempt students from countries with a mandatory national health insurance plan covering all students from that country, (ii) while those students are studying in the United States, and (iii) that is comparable to the plan required by this policy and immigration visa standards.

Reference: NDUS Procedure - 505  

Replaces Article IV, Section 1(D).
SBHE Amendment, July 9-10, 1984.
SBHE Amendment, July 18, 1988.
SBHE Amendment, June 25, 1992.
SBHE Amendment, March 16, 1995.
SBHE Amendment, March 30, 2001.
SBHE Amendment, January 17, 2002.
SBHE Amendment, September 15, 2011.
SBHE Amendment, May 15, 2017.

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