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NDUS Procedures

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SUBJECT: 500s: Student affairs EFFECTIVE: August 1, 2017
Section: 508.2.1 ND Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarship Administration

  1. This procedure implements SBHE Policy 508.2, relating to the North Dakota Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarship program.

  2. According to N.D.C.C. section 15.1-21-02.6, the superintendent of public instruction is responsible for determining eligibility for academic and career and technical education (CTE) scholarships. The SBHE is responsible for providing the scholarships and for monitoring continued eligibility. The NDUS and DPI have entered into an agreement defining each agency's responsibilities for this program.

  3. DPI responsibilities. According to terms of the agreement, DPI shall for each new awarding period:
    1. Advertise the ND Academic and CTE scholarships.
    2. Develop and maintain an electronic scholarship application.
    3. Verify accuracy of scholarship applications.
    4. Verify ACT and WorkKey scores for scholarship eligibility.
    5. Verify high school grade point average for initial scholarship eligibility.
    6. Verify high school course work for initial scholarship eligibility.
    7. Verify high school graduation for initial scholarship eligibility.
    8. Send out scholarship award notices to eligible students directing them to accept or defer the scholarship and confirm their college choice.
    9. Provide information to applicants regarding deferring initial awards.
    10. Forward the list of awardees and other information needed for reporting purposes to NDUS office.

  4. NDUS responsibilities.
    1. Monitor each scholarship recipient to ensure that the student meets the academic and other requirements outlined in N.D.C.C. 15.1-21-02.6 through 15.1-21-02.8.
    2. Notify eligible North Dakota colleges and universities of initial and renewal scholarship recipients each year.
    3. Track scholarship recipient transfers each semester or quarter.
    4. Pay scholarship funds to institutions for eligible scholarship recipients upon verification of required full time enrollment and cumulative credits earned.
    5. At the end of each semester or quarter, verify with institution registrars each scholarship recipient's cumulative grade point average and cumulative credits earned.
    6. At the end of each semester or quarter, notify institution financial aid offices of renewed or terminated scholarships.
    7. At the end of each semester or quarter, notify scholarship recipients of renewed or terminated scholarships.
    8. Track each scholarship recipient by cohort and year of initial award in order to enforce eligibility requirements relating to maximum number of years of eligibility following high school graduation and total scholarship funds awarded.
    9. Track enrolled students who received scholarships, but subsequently deferred usage.
    10. Maintain fiscal files for audit purposes.
    11. Maintain scholarship recipient files.
    12. Prepare annual reports to the Legislative Council.

  5. Amount and eligibility:
    1. A student is not entitled to receive more than six thousand dollars under the academic and career and technical education scholarships. Eligible students meeting the full time enrollment, cumulative grade point average, and earned credit requirements will receive $750 per semester or $500 per quarter, up to a maximum of $6,000.
    2. The scholarship is valid for six academic years, as defined for federal Title IV student aid programs, after the student's graduation from high school for enrollment at eligible institutions within North Dakota. Eligible institutions include accredited public, private and tribal colleges, provided programs of at least 2 years in length are offered at the institution.
    3. The scholarship may be applied to graduate programs if all other eligibility criteria are met.
    4. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75. If the NDUS determines that a student's cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of a term is below 2.75, a one-time exception shall be granted and the student is entitled to the scholarship for the next semester or quarter in which the student is enrolled full time. This exception is applicable to a student only once.

      If the NDUS determines that the student's cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of a term is below 2.75 for a second time, the student is no longer eligible to receive scholarship payments under this program.

    5. Full time enrollment has the same meaning as the term is defined by the institution the student is attending. Full time enrollment is determined as of the institution's financial aid census date.

    6. Progress toward degree completion is required. A minimum number of earned credits following each semester or quarter payment must be maintained to qualify for the subsequent disbursement, based on the following.

      • Twenty-four credits after disbursement two;
      • Thirty-nine credits after disbursement three;
      • Fifty-four credits after disbursement four;
      • Sixty-nine credits after disbursement five;
      • Eighty-four credits after disbursement six; and
      • Ninety-nine credits after disbursement seven.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 508.2  

Reference: N.D.C.C. chapter 15.1-21-02

Related Document: NDUS-DPI Administration and Data Sharing Agreements

Chancellor's Cabinet, December 1, 2010.
Chancellor's Cabinet, August 31, 2011.
Chancellor approved, September 23, 2015.
Chancellor approved, August 8, 2017.
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