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Broadband Job Classifications

Broadbanding is an approach to job classification and compensation that takes into consideration content and scope of a job; employee knowledge, skills and abilities; the job market; and employee performance.

Broadbanding groups similar jobs together using a few, wide salary bands defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Within those bands, positions with similar skill requirements are grouped into job families. Job family titles are used on all payroll records, budget documents, personnel files and other official records. The hiring institutions may assign functional titles for other uses.
Broadbanding policies, band descriptions, functional title suggestions, pay policy and forms can be found in the NDUS Human Resource Policy Manual.

Placement of a position within a job band is based on the position description. The position description also is used to determine fair market value for each position. The market rate is used in making salary decisions. Other salary-setting considerations are job performance, level of responsibility, directly related experience and internal equity.

Job bands in the University System are managed by the NDUS Human Resource Council. If an employee or employee's supervisor is dissatisfied with a job band or job family assignment, the assignment may be appealed within 30 days from the date the band/job family assignment was mailed. Appeals are filed with the human resource offices of the hiring institutions.

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SUBJECT: 3000 BAND: Professional
Section: 3000.3310 Natural/Physical Science Professional

Natural/Physical Science Professional

WORKERS COMP CODE: 9062OVERTIME PAY ELIGIBILITY: Usually exempt (exempt status requires analysis documentation)

Individuals assigned to positions in this job family are responsible for performing a variety of tasks related to the management, marketing, research, analysis, conservation, and provision of service in the fields of natural or physical science.

Perform laboratory testing and analysis
  • Plan and produce market research and informational materials
  • Manage game and non-game wildlife and habitat
  • Conduct research and data analysis
  • Plan and direct regular and modified diets for patients
  • Teach nutrition and diet therapy to other staff
  • Implement, evaluate, and document procedures used in human dietary research
  • Develop and test food processing techniques
  • Conduct geological investigations
  • Conduct experiments to detect harmful or pathogenic bacteria in water, food supply, or environment and control or eliminate sources of pollution or contagion
  • Develop, implement, and administer programs for conservation and management of forests
  • Prevention and suppression of forest, brush and grassland fires
  • Collect and analyze data and assess environmental conditions/pollution
  • May supervise employees performing similar work

Requires a Bachelor degree in biological or wildlife specialties, agricultural economics, marketing, chemistry, natural or physical science, food science or technology, cereal chemistry, forestry, horticulture, geology, microbiology, or a closely related field; and licensure, registration or certification as required by law.

Exception: The employing institution may substitute directly related work experience or education for minimum qualification requirements with written justification.
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