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Broadband Job Classifications

Broadbanding is an approach to job classification and compensation that takes into consideration content and scope of a job; employee knowledge, skills and abilities; the job market; and employee performance.

Broadbanding groups similar jobs together using a few, wide salary bands defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Within those bands, positions with similar skill requirements are grouped into job families. Job family titles are used on all payroll records, budget documents, personnel files and other official records. The hiring institutions may assign functional titles for other uses.
Broadbanding policies, band descriptions, functional title suggestions, pay policy and forms can be found in the NDUS Human Resource Policy Manual.

Placement of a position within a job band is based on the position description. The position description also is used to determine fair market value for each position. The market rate is used in making salary decisions. Other salary-setting considerations are job performance, level of responsibility, directly related experience and internal equity.

Job bands in the University System are managed by the NDUS Human Resource Council. If an employee or employee's supervisor is dissatisfied with a job band or job family assignment, the assignment may be appealed within 30 days from the date the band/job family assignment was mailed. Appeals are filed with the human resource offices of the hiring institutions.

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SUBJECT: 2000 BAND: Academic
Section: 2000.1 Band Description with Sub Band Descriptions and Job Family Numbers

Excluded from the broadbanding system by policy or designation by the campus president.

2000 Academic

  • 2010 Associate Dean
  • 2020 Assistant Dean
  • 2060 Program Administrator (not faculty rank): Program oversight to include management, budget, operations
  • 2100 Professor
  • 2101 Research Professor
  • 2104 Clinical Professor
  • 2105 Associate Professor
  • 2106 Research Associate Professor
  • 2109 Clinical Associate Professor
  • 2110 Assistant Professor
  • 2111 Research Assistant Professor
  • 2114 Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 2115 Instructor
  • 2116 Research Instructor
  • 2119 Clinical Instructor
  • 2120 Lecturer
  • 2121 Senior Lecturer
  • 2125 Part-time Academic Staff
  • 2150 Athletic Coach
  • 2210 Graduate Research Assistant
  • 2215 Graduate Service Assistant
  • 2220 Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • 2230 Graduate Research Fellow:
  • 2235 Graduate Teaching Fellow:
    Serves for a limited time period with prior approval & program review by Graduate Dean, appointments are for at least 50% but do not exceed 80% FTE, includes a full tuition waiver
  • 2240 Post Doctorate Research Fellow:
    Research appointment requiring a doctoral generally supported by grant funds. Appointments do not normally exceed 3 years
  • 2420 Research Scientist:
    Position that has benefits similar to faculty positions in that they do not accrue annual or sick leave, faculty and book policies apply, must hold a PhD. Performs research and in an advisory role
  • 2440 Center Director
  • 2450 Research Extension Center Specialist
  • 2451 Research Extension Center Associate Specialist
  • 2452 Research Extension Center Assistant Specialist
  • 2510 Extension Specialist:
    An Extension Service appointment for campus-based or Research Extension Center employees (usually with a Master's degree) who are not eligible for a regular faculty appointment but are specialists in an area relevant to Extension programs
  • 2540 Extension Agent:
    An Extension Service appointment for count-or area-based employees who provide educational programs in one or more of the general Extension Service programming areas
  • 2605 Associate Director Agriculture:
    An administrative appointment in the Agricultural Experiment Station or the Extension Service with duties assigned by the appropriate Director
  • 2610 Assistant Director Agriculture:
    An administrative appointment in the Agricultural Experiment Station or the Extension Service with duties assigned by the appropriate Director
  • 2615 District Director Agriculture:
    A middle level Extension Service administrator with supervisory responsibility for Extension employees in several counties
  • 2810 International Exchange Scientist:
    International scholars on J-1 visas who work with a faculty or staff member for a defined period of time usually on a specific research project
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