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SBHE ASAC April 19, 2017

North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Meeting Notice and Agenda
April 19, 2017

The State Board of Higher Education's Academic and Student Affairs Committee will meet via conference call on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. CT. The call will originate on the 10th floor of the State Capitol, NDUS Conference Room, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND.

*See supporting document #action required +discussion needed =information only

Call to Order

  1. * # Agenda
  2. * # Meeting Minutes - March 22, 2017

    Announcement of Chancellor's Action(s): Items 3 through 6 were reviewed and approved by the Chancellor's Cabinet on April 12, 2017.

  3. = Stage I-New Program(s):
    a. MiSU
    Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management, CIP Code 52.1201, via distance delivery and on-campus
    Minor in Police Management and Investigations, CIP Code 43.0104, via distance delivery and on-campus
    Minor in Offenders, Risk Assessment and Corrections, CIP Code 43.0104, via distance delivery and on-campus
    Minor in Law and Legal Studies, CIP Code 22.0001, via distance delivery and on-campus

    b. NDSU - Minor in Honors, CIP Code 30.9999, via distance delivery and on-campus

  4. = Stage II-Distance Education Program(s):
    a. BSC - Dakota Nursing Program via distance delivery to Ashley, ND
    Associate Degree Nursing, CIP Code 51.3801
    Certificate in Practical Nursing, CIP Code 51.3901

  5. = Stage II-New Prefixes:
    a. MiSU
    RAD-Radiologic Technology, CIP Code 51.0911
    MHA-Mental Health/Addictions, CIP Code 51.1501

  6. = Stage II-Program Title Change(s):
    a. LRSC
    FROM an A.A. in Accounting/Business Administration TO an A.A. in Business Administration, CIP Code 52.0201
    FROM a Diploma and A.A.S. in Simulator Maintenance Technician TO a Diploma and A.A.S. in Simulation Technology, CIP Code 47.0104

    b. NDSU - ENTR-Entrepreneurship, CIP Code 52.0701

  7. * #Tenure

  8. * # Stage II-New Program(s):
    a. UND - O.T.D. in Occupational Therapy, CIP Code 51.2306, via distance delivery and on-campus

  9. * # Stage II-Organizational Change(s): (Requires Cabinet Review/SBHE Action)
    a. NDSU - Terminate the College of University Studies

    b. UND - Create the Institute for Unmanned and Autonomous Research (IUAR)

  10. * # Stage II-Program Termination:
    a. DSU - Business Programs
    Minor in Banking and Finance, CIP Code 52.0803
    Minor in Entrepreneurship, CIP Code 52.0701
    Minor in Human Resource Management, CIP Code 52.1001
    Minor in International Business, CIP Code 52.1101
    Minor in Management, CIP Code 52.0201
    Minor in Management Information Systems, CIP Code 52.1201
    Minor in Marketing, CIP Code 52.1801
    Minor in Office Administration, CIP Code 52.0401
    Natural Sciences
    Major in Environmental Health, CIP Code 51.2201
    Major in Biology (Professional Option), CIP Code 26.0101
    Major in Biology (Wildlife Biology Option), CIP Code 26.0101

  11. * # Policy 505 - International Student Health Insurance

  12. + Policy 607.5 - Faculty Leave Policy

    Other Business
  13. Future Agenda Items


    Contact Kristie Hetzler at (701) 328-2966 or prior to the scheduled meeting date if auxiliary aids or services are needed.

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ASAC 041917 NDSU-SUM-II-UnivStud-OrgChgTerm-20170405  (document)
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