North Dakota University System

Take Classes at Multiple Campuses

Thanks to the University System's collaborative process, once you are enrolled at one campus you can take classes from other University System campuses.

The collaborative process allows you to:
  • Take classes from more than one campus
  • Choose classes that fit your schedule
  • Work with one advisor
  • Pay one application fee
  • File one financial aid application
  • Pay one bill
Collaborative students may take classes:
  • Online
  • Via the University System's Interactive Video Network
  • In-person at an off-campus site
  • Through other electronic delivery methods
  • Via a combination of options

Campus Contacts for Collaborative Students
Dustin J. Peterson 701.224.2608 Bismarck State College
Valerie Heilman 701.228.5487 Dakota College at Bottineau
Nicky Kadrmas 701.224.5631 Dickinson State University
Paula Zielske 701.662.1671 or 888.861.0160 Lake Region State College
Rhonda Hodges 701.788.4667 Mayville State University
Jolina Miller 800.777.0750, Ext.3218 Minot State University
Karla Dickerson 800.342.4325, ext 2205 or 701.671.2205 North Dakota State College of Science
Gail Nelson 701.231.7495 (for provider requests) North Dakota State University
Marge Steffen 701.777.6130 University of North Dakota
Leslie Kalmbach 701.845.7294 Valley City State University
Brittney O'Neill 701.774.4202 Williston State College

For more information on the University System's collaborative process, contact Lisa Johnson, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, 701-328-4143.

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