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Tuition and Fee Estimator

With the use of a web-based tuition and fee estimator, parents and students can make cost comparisons among the 11 North Dakota University System colleges and universities. To use the estimator, click on the following URL:

2018-19 Estimated Costs to Attend University System Campuses for All Students

Referred to as the schedule of institutional charges, this document outlines what each University System campus charges resident and non-resident students for tuition, fees, housing and meal plans.

The chart lists tuition rates based on residency: North Dakota residents; Minnesota residents; South Dakota, Montana, Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents; other out-of-state residents; and international students. The schedule also includes information about various housing and meal-plan options.

2018-19 Schedule for Institutional Charges (July 2018)  (document)
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2018-19 Estimated Costs for North Dakota Residents

To find out if you might qualify for resident status, review the questions on the Application for Resident Status.

NDUS Application for Resident Student Status  (document)
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