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State Board of Higher Education
SBHE Members
Apply for the Board
SBHE Agendas
SBHE May 23, 2018
SBHE Governance May 17, 2018
ASAC May 16, 2018
SBHE BFC May 15, 2018
SBHE Audit May 4, 2018
SBHE April 26, 2018
SBHE Audit April 25, 2018
SBHE Governance April 20 2018
SBHE ASAC April 18, 2018
SBHE BFC April 17, 2018
SBHE March 28, 2018
SBHE BFC March 21, 2018
SBHE Audit March 16, 2018
SBHE Governance March 14, 2018
SBHE February 22, 2018
SBHE Governance February 15, 2018
SBHE BFC February 15, 2018
SBHE ASAC February 14, 2018
SBHE Audit February 9, 2018
SBHE January 25, 2018
SBHE ASAC January 17, 2018
SBHE BFC January 16, 2018
SBHE Governance December 14, 2017
SBHE November 30, 2017
SBHE November 29, 2017 Social
SBHE Audit Committee, November 16, 2017
SBHE ASAC November 15, 2017
SBHE BFC November 14, 2017
SBHE Governance October 25, 2017
SBHE BFC October 17, 2017
SBHE September 28, 2017
SBHE Social Agenda, September 27, 2017
SBHE Governance September 21, 2017
SBHE Audit September 21, 2017
SBHE ASAC September 20, 2017
SBHE BFC September 19, 2017
Joint Boards Meeting September 19, 2017
SBHE ASAC August 16, 2017
SBHE BFC August 15, 2017
SBHE July 19, 2017
SBHE June 27, 2017
SBHE Social June 26, 2017
SBHE Retreat June 26, 2017
SBHE BFC June 20, 2017
SBHE Audit Committee, June 15, 2017
SBHE May 15, 2017
SBHE Governance Committee May 9, 2017
SBHE April 27, 2017
SBHE BFC April 20, 2017
SBHE Governance Committee April 20, 2017
SBHE ASAC April 19, 2017
SBHE March 30, 2017
SBHE Governance Committee March 22, 2017
SBHE ASAC March 22, 2017
SBHE BFC March 21, 2017
SBHE February 23, 2017
SBHE Social February 22, 2017
SBHE Governance Committee February 22, 2017
SBHE Sub-Committee 605.3 February 17, 2017
SBHE Audit February 16, 2017
SBHE ASAC February 15, 2017
SBHE BFC February 14, 2017
SBHE Retreat Materials July 2014
SBHE Minutes
SBHE Minutes - 2018
SBHE Minutes - 2017
SBHE Minutes - 2016
SBHE Minutes - 2015
SBHE Meeting Videos
SBHE Committees
SBHE Academic and Student Affairs Committee Minutes
SBHE Audit Committee Minutes
SBHE Budget and Finance Committee Minutes
SBHE Governance Committee Minutes
SBHE Strategic Plan
SBHE Policies
NDUS Procedures
SBHE Newsletter
SBHE Update 2012
SBHE Update 2011
SBHE Update 2010
SBHE Update 2009
SBHE Update 2008
SBHE Update 2007
SBHE Update 2006
SBHE Live Meeting Video
ND Higher Education Challenge Fund Grant Review Committee
Committee Members
Meeting Dates
Committee Agendas and Meeting Materials
2015 Meeting Agendas and Materials
North Dakota Challenge Grant Review Committee Minutes
2013 Challenge Grant Review Committee Minutes
2014 Challenge Grant Review Committee Minutes
2015 Challenge Grant Review Committee Minutes
2016 Challenge Grant Review Committee Minutes
2017 Challenge Grant Review Committee Minutes
North Dakota University System
NDUS Chancellor
NDUS Office Senior Staff
NDUS Office Staff Directory
NDUS Organizational Chart
Systemwide Employee Directory
Economic Impact of the North Dakota University System
SBHE Policies
NDUS Procedures
NDUS Calendar
State Authorization & SARA
Core Technology Services
NDUS Councils
Academic Affairs Council
LEAP Initiative/General Education
Administrative Affairs Council
Capital Contingency Fund Authorization
Paulien and Associates Documents
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2017
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2016
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2015
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2014
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2013
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2012
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2011
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2010
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2009
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2008
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2007
Administrative Affairs Minutes 2006
Chief Information Officer's Council
College Technical Education Council
CTEC Minutes 2017
CTEC Minutes 2016
CTEC Minutes 2015
CTEC Minutes 2014
CTEC Minutes 2013
CTEC Minutes 2012
CTEC Minutes 2011
CTEC Minutes 2010
CTEC Minutes 2009
CTEC Minutes 2008
CTEC Minutes 2007
Diversity Council
Human Resource Council
HRC Minutes 2017
HRC Minutes 2016
HRC Minutes 2015
HRC Minutes 2014
HRC Minutes 2013
HRC Minutes 2012
HRC Minutes 2011
HRC Minutes 2010
HRC Minutes 2009
HRC Minutes 2008
HRC Minutes 2007
HRC Minutes 2006
Public Affairs Council
Student Affairs Council
Campus Councils
Council of College Faculties
2017-18 Membership
Letters of Concern
CCF Minutes 2018
CCF Minutes 2017
CCF Minutes 2015
CCF Open issues 2014
CCF Minutes 2014
CCF Minutes 2012
CCF Minutes 2011
CCF Minutes 2010
CCF Minutes 2009
CCF Minutes 2008
CCF Minutes 2007
CCF Minutes 2006
ND State Staff Senate
Agendas & Future Meetings
Constitution and Bylaws
Staff Senate Minutes
Staff Senate Minutes Archive
North Dakota Student Association
Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention
NDUS Foundation
NDUS Foundation Meeting Agendas
Colleges and Universities
Choose a College or University
Academics and Activities
Campus Happenings
Reports and Information
Choose a College or University
Applying for College
Apply Online
University Admission Standards
Learn More about the NDUS
Consider a Community College
FAQ from High School Students, Parents and Counselors
Earn College Credit in High School
Earn Credit by Exam
Take Courses/Earn Degrees Online
Online Degrees & Programs
Search for Specific Courses
Take Classes at Multiple Campuses
Easy Transfer within or to North Dakota Campuses
Student Exchange/Reciprocity Programs
Minnesota-North Dakota Tuition Reciprocity Program
Midwest Student Exchange Program
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Exchange Program
Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP)
Military, Veterans & Families
GI Bill
Army National Guard Benefits
Dependents' Educational Assistance
Free Tuition for North Dakota Dependents
VA Certifying Officials
International Students
Paying for College
Educational Costs/Tuition and Fee Estimator
Applying for Financial Aid
North Dakota Grants & Scholarships
Tuition and Fee Estimator
Student Safety
Academic Calendar
Student Health Insurance Plan
Campus Contacts
Waiver Information
Spring/Summer 2019 Information
Student Voting Information
College Access Video Series
Ebola Prevention Information
Business and Industry
TrainND Workforce Training
NDUS Centers of Excellence
Centers of Excellence Locations
Centers of Research Excellence (Core) Funding
Base Realignment Grant Funding
Economic Impact of the North Dakota University System
Economic Impact of the North Dakota University System
Topics in Higher Education
2015 Legislative Session
Strategic Plan
SBHE and Chancellor Photos
Campus Employment Opportunities
NDUS Office Openings and Requests for Proposals
Policies and Procedures
Broadband Job Classifications
Broadband / Job Forms
Philosophy of Functional Titles
SBHE Policies
Proposed SBHE Policies
NDUS Procedures
NDUS Human Resource Policy Manual
NDUS Guide to Authorized Use of State Fleet Vehicles
Articulation and Transfer
GERTA Guides & Request Form
Previous GERTA Guides
Common Course Numbering (CCN)
Common Competencies
Articulation Agreements
Creating Articulation Agreements
Accounting Manual and Forms
Reporting Fraud
Academic Calendar
Employee Benefits
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