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SBHE Policies

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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic Affairs EFFECTIVE: September 26, 2012
Section: 404.1 Delivery Format Approval for Credit Activities

  1. A distance learning credit activity is a Board-approved academic program or institutional-approved credit course received by students electronically at any location or at a geographical location other than the principal campus of the institution which has the program/course authority.

    Distance Education activities include:

    1. Television, audio, or computer transmission, including open broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, or satellite transmission;

    2. Audio or computer conferencing, video cassettes or discs or correspondence; or

    3. Face-to-face at an off campus location.

  2. Cooperative Extension Service courses offered by North Dakota State University as part of its special land-grant mission, University of North Dakota School of Medicine professional courses delivered to its Area Health Education Centers, and correspondence courses do not require Chancellor or Board approval under this policy.

  3. Each institution is encouraged to provide mission-related educational programs to its service region.

    1. Site specific distance learning credit activities require approval of the academic officer, or designee, of both the principal campus offering the academic program or course and the institution(s) serving the geographical area(s) in which the distance learning activity is conducted. Distance learning academic programs also require the approval of the Chancellor. Site specific distance learning includes locating campus representatives at a specific site on an ongoing basis in support of the credit activities.

    2. All proposed distance learning academic programs must

      1. include a plan for addressing the financial aid opportunities available to students,

      2. conform to the institution/branch mission,

      3. include statements justifying the need to deliver the program as a distance learning activity and describing efforts required to assure instructional quality comparable to that of an on-campus academic program, and

      4. follow new program review procedures (Board Policy 403.1.2 Institutional Instructional Program Evaluation).

    3. To provide students the opportunity to complete a degree/diploma/certificate, the courses associated with an approved distance learning academic program shall have a higher priority to interactive video network access than distance learning courses not associated with an approved distance learning academic program.

    4. Board approval is required for a new academic program proposed as both an on-campus and distance learning academic program or only as a distance learning academic program.

    5. The Chancellor's office shall prepare for the State Board of Higher Education an annual report of distance learning credit activities offered by the North Dakota University System.

Reference: NDUS Procedure - 403.0.2   404.1.1   404.2  

Replaces Article V, Section 6. SBHE Minutes, May 10-11, 1984, page 5242.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, June 25, 1987, page 5614.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, September 17, 1992, page 6281.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, November 17, 2000.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, February 21-22, 2002.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, May 5, 2005.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, September 26, 2012.
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