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SBHE Policies

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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic Affairs EFFECTIVE: September 26, 2012
Section: 403.5 Secondary-Postsecondary Articulation Agreements, Dual Credit Postsecondary Enrollment Options

  1. Institutions may enter into articulation agreements with secondary schools for the purpose of facilitating student learning and progress in instructional programs. Such agreements shall identify corresponding secondary and postsecondary courses and procedures whereby students may earn postsecondary credit by demonstrating postsecondary-level proficiency obtained through secondary coursework and are subject to the following:

    1. Articulation agreements shall include:

      1. A list of eligible secondary courses and the postsecondary counterpart of each.

      2. Procedures whereby students with eligible secondary coursework may demonstrate postsecondary-level proficiency.

      3. Procedures for joint secondary-postsecondary review of the articulation agreement at regular intervals.

    2. Courses for which nationally standardized examinations exist and are acceptable to the faculty are eligible for inclusion in articulation agreements.

    3. The institution faculty and secondary school officials shall develop criteria, which shall be periodically revised as necessary, to be used in evaluating students' proficiency in articulated courses.

    4. Credit at the postsecondary institution for articulated courses shall not be awarded until after the student matriculates at the institution that entered into the relevant articulation agreement.

    5. Credit for articulated courses shall appear on the student's transcript. Each institution shall maintain data on students attempting and earning articulation credits, by course and by student.

    6. The institution shall provide current copies of all articulation agreements to the Chancellor. Upon request, an institution involved in an articulation agreement shall provide to the Chancellor or another institution a copy of the criteria currently in use.

  2. Institutions shall cooperate with secondary schools for the purpose of offering secondary students the option of enrolling in postsecondary courses for dual credit. Institutions may permit eligible students in grades ten, eleven and twelve, who have written permission from their school district superintendents, to enroll in postsecondary courses for dual credit upon payment of required tuition and fees.

New policy. SBHE Minutes, June 27-28, 1988, page 5731.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, September 17, 1992, page 6281.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, September 19, 1996, page 6680.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, September 19, 1997, page 6795.
Amendment SBHE Minutes, September 26, 2012.
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