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SBHE Policies

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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic Affairs EFFECTIVE: December 10, 2015
Section: 402.2 First Year Applicants - Baccalaureate Programs

  1. Subject to this policy, a beginning first year applicant who is a high school graduate may be admitted to baccalaureate programs. Campuses may establish program admission requirements that are in addition to the general admission requirements.

    For the evaluation of admission, a first-year applicant is one who has not attended a postsecondary institution after high school graduation, but may have enrolled in college or university coursework while in high school.

  2. The student must complete an application for admission and submit an application fee for each North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution to which the student applies.

  3. First year applicants must supply the following:

    1. official high school transcript as proof of high school graduation;
    2. ACT or SAT results or Aspire/Compass/ACCUPLACERŽ scores for the purpose of placement as defined in the NDUS Procedure 402.1.2.

  4. Admission to baccalaureate programs requires a minimum high school GPA, composite ACT score or equivalent SAT score, and completion of the following high school curriculum, except as provided in Policy 402.2 § 5:

    High School GPA
    Composite ACT Score or Equivalent
    High School Core Course Requirements
    Dickinson State University
    Mayville State University
    Valley City State University
    2.001813 Core Courses
    Minot State University2.752113 Core Courses
    North Dakota State University
    University of North Dakota
    2.752213 Core Courses
    14 Core Courses; Applies to the entering class Fall 2017 or later
    15 Core Course; Applies to the entering class Fall 2018 or later

  5. High School Core Course Requirements include four units of English; three units of mathematics (algebra I or above); three units of laboratory science, including at least one unit each in two or more of the following subject areas: biology, chemistry, physics, or physical science; and three units of social studies, excluding consumer education, cooperative marketing, orientation to social science, and marriage/family.

  6. The following high school courses are also strongly recommended: A mathematics course in each year of high school including Algebra II (advanced algebra) and two units of a single classical or modern language, including American Sign Language and Native American languages.

  7. Applicants who do not meet the standards of the GPA or ACT may apply and may be reviewed on an individual basis by the respective institution.

  8. Exceptions to this policy are referenced in SBHE Policy 402.1.1 § 3.

  9. International students shall be considered for admission if their high school preparation is judged to be equivalent to the Policy 402.2 § 2-3.

  10. Students 25 years old or older on the first day of class are exempt from the requirements stated in Policy 402.2 § 2.

  11. Baccalaureate institutions may establish additional criteria beyond the core curriculum stated in Policy 402.2 § 2-3 for the admission of students to the institution.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 402.1.1  

Reference: NDUS Procedure - 402.2  

New policy. SBHE Minutes, January 31, 1991.
SBHE Amendment, September 19-20, 1991.
SBHE Amendment, December 17, 1992.
SBHE Amendment, February 21-22, 2002.
SBHE Amendment, June 17, 2010.
SBHE Amendment, December 10, 2015.

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