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SUBJECT: 300s: Governance and Organization EFFECTIVE: May 23, 2018
Section: 302.1 Academic and Student Affairs Committee

  1. The SBHE establishes an academic and student affairs committee with responsibility for reviewing and recommending SBHE action, studies and reports related to academic and student matters, as well as strategic planning and workforce development, including:

    1. All academic and student policies except those for which authority has been expressly delegated to the Chancellor;
    2. Proposals for the establishment, allocation, and abolition of all educational units;
    3. Approval and termination of all academic programs of study;
    4. Academic standards;
    5. Transfer and articulation;
    6. Reports on program reviews and accreditation actions completed in the preceding year;
    7. Proposals for honorary degrees; and,
    8. Other matters central to academic quality, student life, strategic planning and workforce development.

  2. The academic and student affairs committee shall consist of three voting members of the SBHE, including the student member, and the Chancellor shall serve, ex officio, as a non-voting member of the committee. The SBHE president will appoint committee members as well as the committee chair by June 30th of each year to serve one-year terms starting July 1st. The SBHE president may also appoint additional members to serve, ex officio, as non-voting members of the committee. If a vacancy on the committee occurs before June 30th, the SBHE president shall appoint a voting member of the SBHE to fill the vacancy no later than the next regular meeting of the SBHE after the vacancy occurs.

  3. The academic and student affairs committee shall set a meeting schedule for the year at the committee's first meeting after July 1st. Meetings shall comply with all applicable laws, including the necessary posting of notice, the preparation of agendas in advance of meetings, and the recording of minutes for each meeting.

New policy, SBHE minutes, September 26, 2012 (numbered SBHE Policy 302.11); Repealed, SBHE minutes, June 20, 2013; Readopted, SBHE minutes, February 27, 2014 (renumbered SBHE Policy 302.1); Amended, May 23 2018.

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