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SUBJECT: 800s: Financial Affairs EFFECTIVE: April 26, 2018
Section: 830.2 Refunds

  1. This policy applies to refunds of institutional charges to students who withdraw, drop out, are expelled from the institution or otherwise fail to complete a program on or after the first day of class of the period of enrollment for which they are charged. "Institutional charges" means tuition, fees, room, board and other education-related charges assessed the student by the institution.

  2. Each institution shall adopt a written procedure to comply with requirements of federal law and implementing regulations and this policy concerning refunds to students and the Return of Title IV Funds. The written procedures shall include the allocation of refunds and unearned aid in the order specified by law. The information must be made available to current students and to prospective students (individuals who contact the institution to request information concerning admission) prior to the earlier of a student's enrollment or the execution of the student's enrollment agreement. The information shall include the procedures a student needs to follow to withdraw from the institution and the policy with which the institution is required to comply for the return of unearned institutional charges paid to the institution and a summary of the requirements for the return of Title IV grant or loan assistance and provide that refund.

  3. Institutional charges shall be refunded according to a schedule approved by the Chancellor that provides for a percentage refund which approximates the amount the institution must return to the Title IV financial aid programs. Institutional refunds shall be used to reimburse Title IV financial aid only. If the amount of a student's institutional refund is less than the total amount the institution is responsible for returning to the Title IV financial aid programs, the student is responsible for the difference. In addition:
    1. No administrative fee shall be charged;
    2. Students who withdraw from all classes before nine percent of a term is completed shall receive a one hundred percent refund of tuition and fees.
    3. Students with a room contract who withdraw shall receive a refund prorated up to the sixty percent point of the enrollment term according to a schedule approved by the Chancellor. Students with a board contract who withdraw shall receive a refund of the board contract amount according to a schedule approved by the Chancellor.

  4. Allocation of unearned aid shall be consistent with federal law. Any balance after allocation to sources of aid and payment of the student's accounts shall be returned to the student.

  5. Any student who withdraws during the term for reasons beyond the student's control may request waiver of the tuition and fee refund schedule. The institution's chief financial officer (or designated representative) is authorized to determine, consistent with applicable federal law, the amount of the refund in such cases.

  6. This refund policy shall not apply to deposits which may be subject to forfeiture under housing contracts or program admission policies.

  7. Any student who drops a class before nine percent of the period of enrollment for the class is completed shall receive a one hundred percent refund of tuition and fees for the credit hours attributable to the class or classes dropped. Institution refund procedures shall include provisions governing allocation or repayment of refunds for dropped classes.

  8. With documented approval, institutions may approve partial refunds for dropped courses based on extenuating circumstances.

  9. Subject to compliance with applicable federal law, institutions are authorized to adopt a separate refund schedule and drop dates for open enrollment classes, in which case the institution procedure and not schedules or deadlines set out in this policy or approved by the chancellor applies. An "open enrollment" class is one for which there is not an established beginning and ending date. An example of an open enrollment class is a correspondence class for which a student may enroll at any time and complete on a schedule established by the instructor or on the student's own schedule.

Reference: NDUS Procedure - 830.2  

Reference: 34 CFR Part 668

Replaces Article IV, Section G; Amendment, SBHE minutes, May 17, 1991; Amendment, SBHE minutes, May 27, 1993; Amendment, SBHE minutes, January 25, 1996; Amendment, SBHE minutes, February 21, 1997; Amendment, SBHE minutes, June 16, 2000; Amendment, SBHE minutes, September 16, 2004; Amendment, SBHE minutes, April 3, 2008; Amendment, SBHE minutes, September 17, 2009; Amendment, SBHE minutes, April 26, 2018.
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