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SUBJECT: 1900s: Miscellaneous EFFECTIVE: April 3, 2008
Section: 1914 Centers of Excellence Applications

  1. NDUS institutions may submit applications for centers of excellence funding according to chapter 15-69 of the North Dakota Century Code and this Policy 1914.

  2. Presidents shall keep the Chancellor informed and upon request provide informal reports to the Chancellor regarding plans for centers of excellence applications as those plans are developed.

  3. At least 30 days prior to submission of a centers of excellence application to the department of commerce, the institution or institutions planning to submit the application shall submit to the Chancellor a brief synopsis of the application.

  4. An institution may proceed with an application to the department of commerce following chancellor review and notification the Chancellor does not have concerns. If the chancellor notifies the Board of unresolved concerns, an institution may proceed with application to the department of commerce only with Board approval.

REFERENCE: N.D.C.C. chapter 15-70

New Policy. SBHE Minutes, April 3, 2008.

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