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SBHE Policies

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SUBJECT: 500s: Student Affairs EFFECTIVE: November 21, 2002
Section: 510 Rights of Students Called to Active Military Service

  1. A student not on active military service at the beginning of an academic term who is called or ordered to active military service for fourteen consecutive days or longer during the term shall have the right, at the student's option:

    1. To withdraw from any or all classes in which the student is enrolled, even if after the established deadline for withdrawal, and be entitled, subject to applicable laws or regulations governing federal or state financial aid programs and allocation or refund as required under those programs, to a full refund of tuition and mandatory fees. The student shall not receive credit or a grade for classes from which the student withdraws. A student in good standing at the time of exercising this right shall have the right to be readmitted and reenroll, without penalty or redetermination of admission eligibility, within one year following release from active military service;

    2. To request an incomplete under the institution's incomplete policy; or

    3. Except for science labs, internships and other classes for which attendance or in-person participation is an essential part continue and complete the course for full credit if, in the opinion of the faculty member teaching the class, the student has completed sufficient work and has demonstrated sufficient progress toward meeting course requirements to justify the award of credit and grade. Upon a student's request and at the discretion of the faculty member, this option may be made available for a science lab or internship.

  2. A student called or ordered to active military service during a term shall have the right to a refund of fees other than mandatory fees for that term as follows:

    1. A refund on a pro rata basis for a housing contract and a traditional term board contract, and a full refund of any unused balance for a "declining balance" board contract, or a board contract by which a student purchased a specified number or dollar value of meals;

    2. A refund on a pro rata basis of parking fees and other optional fees;

    3. No refund is due for course challenge or similar fees for classes for which the student is awarded full credit;

    4. No refund is due for flight training or similar fees for specialized training.

  3. The chancellor may adopt procedures implementing this policy.

New policy. SBHE Minutes, November 21, 2002.
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