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SBHE Policies

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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic Affairs EFFECTIVE: February 22, 2002
Section: 430.1 Honorary Degrees

  1. An honorary doctoral, masters, specialist, baccalaureate, or associate degree may be awarded by an institution in accord with this policy when the institution has been granted authority to award the respective degrees.

  2. In the name of the North Dakota University System the Board may award honorary degrees on the basis of a recommendation from the Chancellor, or the President of one of the institutions, with the Chancellor's concurrence.

  3. An institution may not award an honorary degree until it has been approved by the Board upon nomination by the Chancellor or the president of an institution and recommendation by the Chancellor.

  4. In order to avoid any embarrassment, no suggestion shall be made to any person to be so honored until the Board has acted.

  5. An honorary degree may not be awarded to any employee of the Board except after that person's retirement or termination has been acted upon by the Board.

  6. Recognized earned doctoral degrees shall not be awarded as honorary degrees. In general, the recognized honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws (LL.D), Doctor of Letters (Litt.D), Doctor of Science (Sc.D) and Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.) should be used, although appropriately titled degrees could be used to recognize achievement in specific professions. Recognized master, specialist, baccalaureate and associate degrees may be awarded as honorary degrees when the word "honorary" is clearly indicated in the degree title.

  7. Institutions authorized to award honorary degrees shall develop written procedures for selecting appropriate candidates. Those procedures shall include, but are not limited to, the following criteria, which also apply to nominations by the Chancellor:

    1. The candidate should have had an association with the State of North Dakota. This association may be by virtue of birth, of residence, of education, of service to the state, the Board, or one of the institutions governed by the Board.

    2. The candidate must have achieved a level of distinction which would merit comparable recognition in his or her profession or area of excellence.

    3. The renown of the candidate should reflect favorably on the Board, the institutions it governs, and the State of North Dakota.

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