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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic affairs EFFECTIVE: May 11, 2016
Section: 402.11 Tests of High School Equivalency

High school equivalency examinations may be acceptable in lieu of a high school diploma, providing that such an examination is an authorized high school equivalency from the state in which it was earned.

The GED is the only test of high school equivalency recognized for North Dakota and recognized by the State. GED applicant who tested in 2014 or later must provide documentation of a GED with a minimum score equal to or greater than 145 to any North Dakota community college, Minot State University, Mayville State University, Valley City State University or Dickinson State University. Enrollment at North Dakota State University or the University of North Dakota requires a GED with a minimum score equal to or greater than 170. Applicants with GED scores prior to 2014 must meet prior requirements for successful completion of a GED.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 402.11  

New Procedure. Chancellor's Cabinet, September 2, 2015.
Chancellor's Cabinet, May 11, 2016.

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