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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic affairs EFFECTIVE: September 12, 2012
Section: 403.7.6 Declared Program of Study


  1. All students who are seeking federal financial aid must have enrolled in a degree or certificate program which is eligible for financial aid. Students who wish to enroll and begin their studies must also be enrolled in an appropriate academic program (major) where they can be tracked and advised. Based on Department of Education guidelines, programs which are eligible for financial aid must lead to a degree or certificate, and a student may not typically be enrolled in a degree or certificate program called "undecided."

  2. Each college and university shall have a procedure by which students who have been admitted to an eligible degree program (such as a Bachelor's degree) but have not declared a major may select either a "General Studies" or a "University Studies" major with a sub-plan tracking mechanism to ensure adequate advising.

  3. Although a student enrolled in a campus's "General Studies" or "University Studies" major may continue in the program until completion of their degree, students in those majors shall participate in an annual advising session. Campuses may choose their methodology for documenting student advising.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 403  

Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, September 12, 2012

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