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SUBJECT: 1900s: Miscellaneous EFFECTIVE: January 13, 2016
Section: 1902 Emergency Notification Systems

  1. This procedure implements SBHE Policy 1902, which requires that each institution and the NDUS office have in place an emergency notification system.

  2. Beginning with the fall 2008 semester, the system office and all institutions shall subscribe to the emergency notification system, in partnership with OMB Risk Management Division and other state agencies. Thereafter, the system office and NDUS institutions shall continue to participate in a single, uniform emergency notification system for all institutions, approved by the NDUS CIO. The NDUS CIO shall approve all NDUS or institution contracts for emergency notification systems.

  3. NDUS employee participation in the NDUS emergency notification system is mandatory and all employees, including student employees, are required to provide emergency contact information.

  4. NDUS student participation in the NDUS emergency notification system is mandatory. To accommodate students enrolled at more than one institution, students may select the institution or institutions for which their emergency contact information is entered.

  5. Employee emergency notification telephone numbers or other emergency notification information is exempt from the state's open record laws as provided in Policy 1912 and may be released only as provided in that policy.

  6. Student information provided for the purpose of participation in an emergency notification system is confidential, excluded from directory information, and shall not be disclosed except as provided under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or other governing law.

  7. Employee and student contact information entered in the emergency notification system shall be updated or "refreshed" at appropriate intervals approved by the NDUS CIO.

  8. An "emergency" is defined in SBHE Policy 1902 to mean "a situation that poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of someone in the institution or system community or significantly disrupts institution or system programs and activities." Use of an emergency notification system is limited to emergencies and authorized tests.

  9. The NDUS office and institution procedures shall: 1) designate officials responsible for maintaining and testing use of emergency notification system; 2) designate officials responsible for and authorized to declare an emergency and activate use of the emergency notification system; and, 3) include recommended messages authorized for use, while permitting flexibility to deal with unforeseen situations. Implementing procedures shall, as mandated by 2008 amendments to the Higher Education Act, provide for activation of an emergency notification system to "immediately notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving the immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff occurring on the campus, unless issuing a notification will compromise efforts to contain the emergency."

  10. Emergency notification systems must be tested periodically and at least once during each semester.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 1902  

New Procedure. Chancellor's Cabinet, September 3, 2008.
Chancellor's Cabinet, January 13, 2016.
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