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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic affairs EFFECTIVE: September 25, 2003
Section: 403.8 Major and Minor Equivalency

  1. Requirements for admission to a major or minor equivalency program include:

    1. Possession of current teaching license;

    2. Meeting total credit requirements established by the Educational Practices and Standards Board (ESPB);

    3. A letter from the teacher's district superintendent indicating the teacher does not currently meet No Child Left Behind (NCLB) parameters set by ESPB; and

    4. Additional admission requirements established by the admitting campus.

  2. The admitting campus may charge a fee not to exceed $75.00 for transcript evaluation.

  3. The admitting institution shall assign an advisor to each teacher and create a development plan identifying courses required for a major or minor equivalency. Required courses may be selected only from the "master matrix of approved courses" and posted on the North Dakota University System website. The master matrix defines the acceptable course offerings and provides each institution's offerings in approved major or minor areas along with the corresponding state standard.

  4. Teachers may use 100 and 200 level courses toward both a major and minor equivalency in core and non-core areas. Refer to common course numbering to utilize courses from two year institutions.

  5. Institutions shall certify completion of the development plan upon receipt of documentation signed by the teacher and the teacher's advisor. Completion of a major or minor equivalency shall be noted on the teacher's transcript.

Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, September 2003

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