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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic affairs EFFECTIVE: June 19, 2002
Section: 405.1 Student Teaching Field Experiences

Placement of student teachers in parochial schools is subject to the following:

  1. Placement is permitted only in schools accredited by the Department of Public Instruction;

  2. Approval of supervising teachers in the schools must be based on secular and not religious criteria;

  3. Only students who request such placement may be placed in parochial schools;

  4. No incentives or benefits may be provided to students who choose placement in a parochial school;

  5. Students may provide only secular services and may not be involved in religious indoctrination, practice or instruction;

  6. Evaluation must be based on upon the same secular standards or criteria that apply to student teachers in public schools; and

  7. Any funds or honorarium must be paid directly to the supervising teacher and not to the parochial school.
Institutions may adopt implementing procedures consistent with these requirements.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 405.1  

Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, June 2002.

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