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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic affairs EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2001
Section: 403.0.3 Academic Affairs Request Cover Page

This form is to accompany each academic request to the System office for State Board of Higher Education or Chancellor action. The purpose of the form is to streamline the request process, promote consistency, and foster improved record-keeping.


  1. Action requested:
    ___Approval of new program, Policy 403.1, "Program Approval", SBHE approval
    ___Termination of program, Policy 403.1.1, "Program Termination", SBHE approval
    ___Place program on inactive status, Policy 403.1.3, "Inactive Programs", Chancellor approval
    ___Program title change, Policy 403.4, "Changes in Program Titles", Chancellor approval
    ___Corresponding degree title change
    ___Distance education approval, Policy 404.1, "Distance Learning Credit Activities", Chancellor approval
    ___Organizational change, Policy 307.1, "Institutional Organization-Notice and Approval", SBHE approval
    ___Other, Policy ________,"____________________________", ____________ approval

  2. Program information (where applicable):
    Program title (new/current) ___________________________________________
    (old title, if title change) _____________________________________________
    Indicate if request is for a ___ minor
    ___ Certificate Program___ Diploma___ Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)
    ___ Associate in Arts (A.A.)___ Associate in Science (A.S.)
    ___ Bachelor of Science (B.S.)___ Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    ___ Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.)___ Master of Arts (M.A.)
    ___ Master of Science (M.S.)___ Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    ___ Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.)___ __________________

    Suggested CIP Code: __ __.__ __ __ __
  3. Submitted by:
    Name: _____________________________________ Date: ____________________

    For System office use only:
    Office ___/___/___AAC___/___/___Cabinet ___/___/___Chancellor ___/___/___
    Board ___/___/___HECN ___/___/___CIP code _________Major code _________

Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, June 2001

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