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SUBJECT: 400s: Academic affairs EFFECTIVE: December 17, 2012
Section: 403.7.2 Articulation Agreement

  1. All agreements and memoranda of understanding among and between NDUS campuses and other institutions of higher education concerning the acceptance and transfer of credit and/or course equivalencies are to be in written form and available to the public via the campus website.

  2. The NDUS director of articulation and transfer will maintain a webpage of links to each NDUS college or university webpage of current articulation agreements.

  3. Articulation agreements must be reviewed for updates and appropriate signatures or deletion at least every five years.

  4. Articulation agreements must contain the following:

    1. Institution name and program information
    2. Details as to whether courses are considered block transfer, if applicable, or provide detail course equivalencies
    3. Renewal date not to exceed five years in length
    4. Signature of chief academic officer or equivalent administrative official of each participating institution

Reference: SBHE Policy - 403.7  

Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, June 2001
Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, November 4, 2009
Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting, December 17, 2012

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